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CryptoChallenge #1 (expired)

Please note that CryptoChallenge #1 has expired. The following is the original text left for reference purposes only.

CryptoHeaven system is designed in a way that only desired recipients are able to read the data you send – nobody else, not even the server administrators (see CryptoHeaven Security). We use only the finest in cryptography, including an AES symmetric cipher Rijndael with 256 bit symmetric keys, public-key cryptography with 2048-4096 bit asymmetric keys and SHA-256 message digest function.

In fact, we are so confident CryptoHeaven system is correct, well designed and well implemented that we decided to offer $10,000 to the one that can crack the encrypted session information contained in the log file. You can download the log file here. The challenge is to find a weakness of the CryptoHeaven system and find out what the message contained in the log file is.

Should a challenger be successful in deciphering and be the first to submit proof of deciphering the encrypted data in the file, the challenger will be awarded a prize of $10,000.

If you would like to challenge yourself and participate, here are the steps you should take:

  1. Download the log file with encrypted session information.
  2. Read the scenario of how the log file was created.
  3. Read the Official Rules and Regulations of CryptoChallenge #1.
  4. Download the CryptoHeaven client open-source code.
  5. Have fun!
  6. E-mail for instructions on submitting your solution.

CryptoHeaven team will administer and oversee this challenge. If you have any further questions or comments contact us. The challenge started on November 19, 2001 and expires on May 31, 2002.

Thank you for participating!

CryptoHeaven Team

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