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CryptoChallenge Scenario

The log file, you are given, contains encrypted info about the following session:

Short Description:

Two users create new accounts with CryptoHeaven, exchange contacts, and one of the users sends an e-mail with an attachment to the other user. The attachment is a .txt file that contains the secret message you should send us as a solution.

Session Steps in Detail

  1. Jennifer creates a new account with CryptoHeaven.
  2. Tom creates a new account with CryptoHeaven.
  3. Jennifer searches for Tom in “Find/Invite Users” window.
  4. She then invites him to her contact list.
  5. Tom accepts the invitation and invites Jennifer.
  6. Jennifer accepts Tom’s invitation and now both users are on each other’s contact’s lists.
  7. Jennifer writes the secret message in Notepad and saves it as “secret_message.txt”.
  8. She then composes an e-mail, attaches the “secret_message.txt” file and sends the e-mail to Tom.
  9. Tom receives the e-mail and downloads the attachment to his local computer.

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