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CryptoHeaven Security Approach

How is our approach different from the traditional SSL (Secure Socket Layer) approach?

Traditional SSL Approach:

  • Create an encrypted channel to pass information

  • Data itself is in its plain form inside the secured pipe
  • Both parties can read and understand the transmitted data

  • Secured channel protects data from third party eyes

Message example:

<session encryption> <sender> <recipient> <plain text> <disconnect>

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CryptoHeaven Approach:

We take the SSL approach further and encrypt the data with private key of designated recipient before sending it into and through a secured channel. The machine on the other end of the secured pipe is not necessarily the designated recipient who possesses the private key to decrypt data packets:

  • Encrypt the data with recipient’s public key
  • Create a secure channel to encrypt the entire communication

  • When SSL secure channel is broken the attacker can not understand the data because it has another layer of encryption

  • Secured channel protects the data from third party eyes, but only the sender and the designated recipient which has the private key to decrypt the data packets can understand the content

Message example:

<session encryption> <sender> <recipient> <ENCRYPTED text> <disconnect>

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Taking it even further...

We create a central server to accept the encrypted data when the recipient client is not connected. The server acts as a placeholder and then forwards the encrypted data to designated recipients when they request it.

Server does not have the decryption keys to understand the information sent. Plain private keys never leave the owner's client machine. Server only knows what category the encrypted data belongs to (file or message) and who the designated recipient is.

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