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CryptoHeaven software is developed to accelerate wide spread use of highest-grade cryptography. The source code is distributed without restrictions upon its further dissemination.

A user-friendly, zero-knowledge crypto system is created, where you are in total control of your information. CryptoHeaven is used to store and distribute highly sensitive information between you and your associates - and absolutely nobody else. No local or foreign government, no spies, no rival companies, no private investigators and no other person or entity has any access to any of your data. Your data is protected not just by law or by a "privacy policy," it is protected by our multi layer encryption technology.

There is no hidden key repository, there is no master key, and there are absolutely no back doors. You need to keep your data private and we understand that.

Information is stored in encrypted form on the server as generated by the client, and only the sender and the recipient possess the keys to gain access to the information. Having the entire logs of all transmissions made and all of the data stored on the server, does not give access to the plain text version of information.

We used the finest in cryptography, including an AES symmetric cipher Rijndael with longest possible encryption keys of 256 bits, and RSA asymmetric key cryptography with 1024-4096 bit keys.

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"Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow." -- Linus Torvalds

Consult CryptoHeaven Security FAQ for more information.

The source code is available for download.

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