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The following instructions are ONLY for the users who have problems connecting to the CryptoHeaven network with the default settings.

The default configuration is for CryptoHeaven client software to connect to our servers on port 80. Port 80 is usually open for outgoing connections on most corporate firewalls. However, some corporations block direct access through this port. This section shows you how to connect to CryptoHeaven if the default configuration doesn't work for you.

Use either of the two methods described below to try to connect to our Data Center Server.

Enabling SOCKS support

Select the Proxy button on the login screen. You should see the following:

Follow these steps:

  • mark the Use Proxy Server checkbook
  • enter your proxy server name or IP address, ask your network administrator for the "SOCKS server name or address". It is important that you use the correct address and port number for a SOCKS proxy, an HTTP proxy will NOT work
  • enter your proxy server port number, leave it at the default setting of 1080 unless your network administrator instructs you otherwise
  • if you proxy server requires authentication, mark the Use Proxy Authentication checkbox and enter your proxy username and proxy password
  • press OK

Proceed to log in or to create a new account.

Should this fail, you have one more option to try:

Enabling Direct Connection to CryptoHeaven

  • type in in the Server entry field exactly as shown on the screen shot at the top of the page
  • type in your User Name and Passphrase, click Login. New users should click New User instead of Login.
  • should you have problems connecting, consult your network administrator to enable direct TCP connections to port 4383 on, once the direct connection has been enabled, try the above steps again

These settings should get you up and running. If you, or your server administrator requires more information from us, please contact us: send secure correspondence.

Should you have problems connecting to the default server, you may want to try any of the servers listed below.

Additional CryptoHeaven Data Servers


File Transfers Fail

Are you able to connect but your file uploads or download fail? If so, the most likely reason for the problem is your firewall set up that does not allow for multiple connections to the same server. Try to use "" as your server. This will fool most firewalls into thinking that it is web traffic and allow multiple connections.

Accessing CryptoHeaven through a Norton Firewall

Problem: Can't access CH with Norton Firewall enabled.
Solution: This works with Norton Internet Security 2004.

  • Open Norton Internet SecurityIS2004
  • Select Personal Firewall by double-clicking on it.
  • Select Programs tab at top of page
  • Scroll down to "javaw.exe"
  • Click on it once to highlight it
  • Select the "Modify" button
  • Select "Permit"
  • Select "OK"

Now you should be able to access CryptoHeaven.

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