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Physical Data Protection

At CryptoHeaven, we have built a system focused on the protection of your data. Every critical device in our Data Center has a backup. Constant monitoring ensures that any serious problems are addressed immediately.

Load Balancing

CryptoHeaven servers use sophisticated load balancing. Load balancing ensures our servers are always available and don't get overloaded. We put more servers online before they are needed to ensure service quality and availability.

Power Protection

Providing continuous clean power is a challenge. All our electrical power is delivered through an online uninterruptible power system (UPS). The UPS conditions the power and ensures that our Data Center is protected from power glitches and minor power disruptions. Multiple power generators connected through and automatic transfer switch ensure we have power available for longer power outages. The power generators are capable of supplying electricity to our Data Center indefinitely.

Data Integrity

All CryptoHeaven servers use fully redundant RAID disk arrays. RAID arrays store the same data on multiple physical disks. This ensures our servers are fault tolerant and allows us to replace faulty disk drives without loosing any data and without shutting down any of the servers.

Data Backup

Your data stored on CryptoHeaven is backed-up daily and continuously. Daily backups provide us with a complete copy of the data stored on our servers, and continuous backups provide us with the necessary information to restore any changes to the data between daily backups. This ensures your data is fully protected and nothing ever gets lost.

Thanks to our advanced, fully redundant servers with redundant disk arrays, we have never had to restore the data from backups. However, we do test the backup systems regularly to ensure that in an unlikely event of a major disaster, we have the information required to restore the service.

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