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CryptoHeaven Benefits

CryptoHeaven is developed to allow you to communicate in total privacy. The benefits of using CryptoHeaven are numerous.

CryptoHeaven integrates the following secure services in one convenient package:

  • CryptoVault - secure file/document storage, distribution and sharing
  • CryptoMail - secure e-mail
  • CryptoTalk - secure instant messaging
  • secure message/discussion forums
  • end-to-end security, encryption and decryption is at the user end

CryptoHeaven uses the same level of highest-grade cryptography for all services. All CryptoHeaven communications and all data stored on CryptoHeaven Secure Data Servers is encrypted. Our client software transparently encrypts your data and any other communication for transmission (and separately for storage) to our Secure Data Center. Your data and your information stored in our Secure Data Center is illegible to anyone without proper access codes and passphases. You, and only you can grant permissions to your associates to access specific information. More on security.

CryptoVault - Secure File Storage and Distribution

CryptoHeaven allows you to store and share your sensitive information on our Secure Data Center servers. CryptoVault is transparently accessible by accessing File Folders in CryptoHeaven.

CryptoMail - Secure e-Mail

CryptoHeaven provides you with an advanced secure e-mail service. Some of the benefits are:

  • automatic attachment encryption and compression
  • automatic tracking of messages, including delivery and read receipts
  • guaranteed spoof-proof

CryptoMail is transparently accessible from CryptoHeaven user interface and is most commonly used in conjunction with Incoming and Sent folders.

CryptoTalk - Secure Instant Messaging

Secure instant messaging allows you to safely and securely exchange short messages with your associates in real time.

CryptoTalk is most commonly accessed from the Contacts list. CryptoTalk creates chat logs that are kept in special folders called Chat Log. Chat Log folders are by default regularly purged. This default behavior can be changed by editing Folder Properties.

Secure Discussion Forums

Secure discussion forums allow you and your invited associates to have a secure discussion without being online at the same time.

Information on our security system is available online.

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