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Adding Contacts

New Outgoing Contacts are added to your Contacts list by requesting authorization. You may communicate with the other party once your request for authorization has been granted.

CryptoHeaven is a secure and private system, and as such the system only stores user ID numbers and nick names. You are advised to contact your associates directly to obtain their user IDs and nick names. Once you have the information use "Find/Invite Users" to add them to your Contacts list.

The "Find / Invite Users" dialog box may be invoked from the pop-up menu by selecting New Contact.

Note: Some of your associates may not already have a CryptoHeaven account. To communicate securely with all your associates, you must invite them to join CryptoHeaven. Select Invite Your Friends by E-mail. Free trial accounts are available.

Adding New Contacts - Find/Invite Users

The Find/Invite tool allows you to request contact permissions from other users. It also allows you to send invitation messages through traditional insecure e-mail to your associates who don't have a CryptoHeaven account.

The best way to add a contact to your Contacts list is by typing in the "User ID" and clicking the Search button. When the system returns a match, select it and verify that this is the associate you want to contact, press the Invite User button.

When your associate logs onto the system, he will see the invitation from you. As soon as he responds you will be notified. Your request will either be accepted or declined. If your associate has accepted your request, he will most likely send you a corresponding contact request for you to accept. See Granting Contact Requests below for more.

Granting Contact Requests

New Incoming Contacts are created by granting authorization. The other party must submit a request for authorization and you must grant it. If you decline an Incoming Contact, the other party will not be able to communicate with you.

Incoming and Outgoing contacts are independent of each other. You must have the Incoming Contact to receive communications and an Outgoing Contact to send communications. Normally your Incoming Contacts are hidden from your Contacts view, select Show Other's Contacts from the pop-up menu to see all your incoming contacts.

Inviting via e-mail

To send an invitation via regular e-mail, click the Compose E-mail Invitation button. The message you send will contain your CryptoHeaven user ID and your nickname. No other personally identifiable information is included. You are encouraged to include a short personal message in the e-mail.

Your user ID and nick name are required so that your associate can contact you once he joins CryptoHeaven.

The invitation will include your User ID, your nickname, a personal message from you, and instructions for downloading and installing CryptoHeaven in case the recipient has not yet done so.

The e-mail is sent directly from our servers and doesn't reveal your local e-mail.

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