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Displaying Contact Information

CryptoHeaven stores only minimal user information. The information available is sufficient to verify your contact's authenticity.

Contact information can be viewed by selecting Contact Properties from the Contact pop-up menu.

The available information is:

  • Contact ID - unique Contact serial number, used internally by CryptoHeaven
  • Contact Owner - your nickname and your user ID number
  • Contact With - your associate's contact name and user ID
  • Current Status - the current status of your contact
  • Owner's Encryption - type of encryption used by you
  • Contact's Encryption - type of encryption used by your contact
  • Date Created - the date the contact was first created
  • Date Updated - the date of last record update

Names, addresses and phone numbers are considered private information and are not stored on the system.

Verifying Contact's Authenticity

Contact's authenticity can be verified by looking up the Contact With field on the Contact Properties page. Once you have this number available, talk on a phone or in person with your associate and ask him to verify his contact ID. User ID is visible on the title bar of CryptoHeaven software, right after the nickname.

Make sure the Contact With field matches the user ID given to you by your associate.

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