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The growth in unsolicited e-mail is one of the major stumbling blocks in development of the Internet. Everyday millions of junk messages are sent electronically all over the world. CryptoHeaven prevents any would-be spammers by requiring all users to first make a contact request with the person they wish to correspond. If the request is denied then no communication can take place.

In CryptoHeaven, the people you interact with are your Contacts. You communicate with your Contacts by CryptoMail, CryptoTalk instant messaging, discussion forums and by sharing files or folders. You decide who is allowed to contact you.

You must authorize the people who will correspond with you. Likewise, you must request and be granted permission before you can communicate with other people. The authorization system saves you a lot of time and puts you in control over your account. You never receive unauthorized messages or other communications.

Pay attention to the Contact Window, it has a number of important fields:

Outgoing and Incoming Contacts

CryptoHeaven uses a two-way authorization system. An Outgoing Contact permission is used by you to communicate with others. An Incoming Contact permission is used to allow others to communicate with you. You may have an incoming, an outgoing, or you may have both permissions. You may cancel and grant Contact permissions at any time.

Adding Contacts

New Outgoing Contacts are added to your Contacts list by requesting authorization. You may communicate with the other party once your request for authorization has been granted.

Requesting authorization is done by using "Find/Invite Users" feature. More Info.

New Incoming Contacts are created by granting authorization. The other party must submit a request for authorization and you must grant it. If you decline an Incoming Contact, the other party will not be able to communicate with you. More Info.

Removing Contacts

At any time you may decide that you want to revoke a Contact permission. Select the contact you want to revoke, right click to pop-up the context sensitive menu and select "Remove Contact."

Pay particular attention to the type of contact you are removing. You may remove the Outgoing Contact (blue arrow) or the Incoming Contact (gray arrow).

Most of the time you will want to remove an Incoming Contact to prevent any further communication by a particular user. Removing an Outgoing Contact is usually done automatically by CryptoHeaven when the other party doesn't wish to communicate with you anymore.

Interpreting Contact Icons

All contacts on your contact list have one of the following states:

valid contact contact is valid, you can communicate with the associate
contact online your associate is currently online, you can communicate instantly through CryptoTalk
awaiting authorization you have requested authorization and are waiting for a decision
contact request this person has requested your permission to communicate with you, you should either grant or decline the request promptly
contact declined you have requested authorization and were declined
outgoing contact you communicate through this contact
incoming contact your associate communicates with you through this contact, incoming contacts can be hidden from view by selecting "Hide Other's Contacts" from the pop-up menu

Contacts Menu

The pop-up menu can be called by pressing the right mouse button over the top of the contacts display area.

Incoming Contacts are normally hidden from view to reduce display clutter. You may toggle the display of Incoming Contacts by selecting Show Other's Contacts from the pop-up menu.

See also: Displaying Contact Information, Verifying Contact's Authenticity.

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