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System Requirements

CryptoHeaven software works on any reasonably modern computer. The following is a recommended system configuration for a Windows machine. Other operating systems and hardware devices are supported as long as they run Java™ VM.

  • Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT4/2000/XP or any other operating system capable of running Java
  • Pentium III or better CPU
  • 128 MB RAM of available memory
  • 40 MB of available disk space (3 MB if you already have Java installed)
  • Internet connection

Users with traditional dial-up accounts can comfortably use CryptoHeaven, however, large file transfers should be avoided.


Downloading and Installing Software

CryptoHeaven software can be downloaded from here free of charge. A number of installation packages are available to match your system configuration.

Once the software is downloaded, run the installation package.

That's, it. You should now be ready to use CryptoHeaven. Create your new account by starting the software and clicking New User.

Note: Make sure you have an Internet connection open before starting the software. Should you have any problem connecting to our servers or installing the software in general, have a look here: Installation Issues.

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