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Creating an Account

You must read CryptoHeaven Service Agreement before creating an account with CryptoHeaven.

Click here to read CryptoHeaven Service Agreement.

By creating a CryptoHeaven account, you state that you are eligible for an account and that you agree to be bound by CryptoHeaven Service Agreement.

Create a new account by selecting New User from the login window.

Next, pick a username and a passphrase. You are free to choose whatever you wish for your username (within reason). Choose a passphrase that contains a combination of letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. Keep in mind that your account is as secure as your passphrase. Click Create.

Be patient, CryptoHeaven will now generate a set of private and public keys for your account.

Write down your passphrase and store it at a secure location, away from your PC. Should you happen to loose your passphrase, your account will remain inaccessible to you or anyone else. CryptoHeaven does NOT store your passphrase anywhere, and as such we are unable to retrieve or reset it for you.

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