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CryptoMail - Advanced Functions

Tracing Message Delivery

Message Access Trace function allows you to check access permissions and access history for any of your messages.

Select one message and access the Message Access Trace dialog box by selecting Trace Message Access from the message pop-up menu.

Message Access Trace lists all users who have had access to your message on CryptoHeaven. The and fields to the left of the username represent access Privilege and access History. People with access Privilege are those who have the message in their account. People with access History are those who have received or read the message.

The Received date stamp is the time the user was notified of the message and the message subject and originator were revealed.

The Read date is the time the message body was retrieved and presented to the user.


Access Privilege the user currently has access to the message
Access History the user has a history of accessing the message
User user nickname
Received the time and date the user has received message notification
Read the time and date the user has read the message

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