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Secure Email - CryptoMail

CryptoMail is part of CryptoHeaven service. CryptoMail allows you to send secure e-mail messages to anyone on your contact list. Your messages may include file attachments and URL references.

Composing Messages

Select a Contact from the Contacts List, then open the Compose Message dialog box by selecting New Message from the Contacts pop-up menu:


  • select Message->New Message from the Main Menu, or
  • select from the Tool Bar, or
  • press Ctrl+M

Compose your secure email just like you would any traditional e-mail.

Keep in mind you may select multiple recipients, attach files and select message priority.

Selecting Additional Message Recipients

CryptoMail allows sending secure email to multiple recipients at once. In addition to your contacts, you may include any private or shared discussion and chat folders as one of your recipients.

Select additional recipients by pressing the or To buttons. A list of all available recipients will pop up. Select all the recipients and press the Add>> button, then either OK or Cancel your selection.

Attaching Files

To attach files to your secure email, do any of the following:

  • drag & drop files onto the message compose window
  • select Message->Select Attachments from the Menu, or
  • selectfrom the Tool Bar, or
  • press Ctrl+L

You may attach multiple files stored on CryptoHeaven as well as local files from your computer. Recipients can save the files they receive with your message directly to their secure storage or they can download it to their local computers.

Setting Priority

Three priority options are available:

FYI reduced priority
Normal normal priority, this is the default setting
High high priority, use this flag for urgent messages

Message priority is set by selecting Message->Priority from the menu.

Sending The Message

Check the Copy To: Sent button if you intent to track message delivery.

Click the button to send your secure email.

See also: Tracing Message Delivery.


Replying to a Message

Open the Compose Message dialog box by selecting Reply to Sender from the message list pop-up menu:


  • select Message->Reply to Sender from the Main Menu, or
  • select from the Tool Bar, or
  • press Ctrl+R

Type your reply message above the original message.

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