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CryptoVault - Advanced Functions

Tracing File Access

File Access Trace function allows you to check access permissions and access history for any of your files.

Select at least one file and access the File Access Trace dialog box by selecting Trace File Access from the file pop-up menu.

The following information is available:

Access Privilege the user currently has access to this file
Access History the user has accessed the file in the past
User user nickname
First Seen the time and date the user has received file notification
Retrieved the time and date the user has actually downloaded the file

File Access Trace lists all users who have had access to your file on CryptoHeaven. It allows you to see who is currently allowed to access the file () and who has accessed the file () in the past. First Seen time stamp shows when the user has actually received notification the file is available. The Retrieved is the time stamp of the actual file download from the system by the user.

Note: For the file owner, the Retrieved time stamp reflects the file upload time and date.

Automatic Folder Purging

Automatic folder purging is used for folders containing documents/messages/chat logs that you want to keep for a specific length of time or that are often superseded by newer versions.

Select Folder Properties->Purging from the folder pop-up menu.

File folders, message folders, and posting folders are by default created with Automatic Purging disabled.

Chat log folders by default have automatic folder purging set to keep a maximum of 20 messages for 5 days.

Folder purging settings can be changed at any time.

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