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CryptoChat - Secure Instant Messaging (IM)

CryptoChat compliments CryptoMail and other CryptoHeaven services. CryptoChat allows you to collaborate with your co-workers by sending secure instant messages to any of your contacts. Your instant messages may include file attachments.

Sending an Instant Message

Select an online () Contact from your Contacts List, then open the Chat dialog box by selecting Chat from the Contacts pop-up menu:

Alternatively, select an online Contact and:

  • select Chat->Chat from the Main Menu, or
  • select from the Tool Bar, or
  • press Ctrl+H

The bottom section of the window is where you write your instant message, press Send when done.

Attaching Files

Attachments to instant messages are virtually identical to attachments to CryptoMail messages.

To attach files to an instant message, do any of the following:

  • drag & drop files onto the composition area
  • select Chat->Select Attachments from the Menu, or
  • press Ctrl+L

You may attach multiple files stored on CryptoHeaven as well as local files from your computer. Recipients can save the files they receive to their CryptoVault secure storage or they can download them to their local computers.

Saving Attached Files

Select a message with a file attachment, then select Save Attachments from the pop-up menu. Follow the onscreen instructions to save the attached file(s) to your CryptoVault folder, or to download them to your local computer.

Chat Log

For your convenience, CryptoChat instant message logs are securely stored in a dedicated CryptoVault. You may access the logs directly from your folder tree.

By default, chat logs are set to keep the last 20 messages for 5 days. This default behavior can be changed from the Folder Properties->Purging dialog box. Once chat records are purged they cannot be recovered.

See also: Automatic Folder Purging.

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