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Working with Folders

CryptoHeaven gives you access to the following services:

  • CryptoMail
  • CryptoChat
  • CryptoVault
  • CryptoHeaven Discussion Folders

Each of these services stores information and data in a special type of a folder. The following types of folders are used:

CryptoMail used for CryptoMail secure e-mail
CryptoChat used for CryptoChat secure instant messaging
CryptoVault used for CryptoVault secure data storage
CryptoHeaven Discussions used for CryptoHeaven secure discussion forums

Private folders are for your eyes only. Shared folders are for you and some of your selected contacts. The security and privacy offered by all folder types is identical, regardless if they are private or shared. However, you have to be aware that shared folders are just that, shared. Make sure you check and validate your contacts carefully before sharing any confidential information.

Private folders can be converted to shared ones, but once a folder is shared it cannot be made private.

Each new CryptoHeaven account has the following default folders, they cannot be removed.


Creating Folders

In addition to you default folders, you may create any number of additional folders of any type.

Select New Folder from the folder pop-up menu.

See also: Creating CryptoVault Data Folders, Sharing CryptoVault Data Folders.

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