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Installation Issues

The following are the most common issues identified while using CryptoHeaven.

Windows NT/2000/XP Professional Installation

Windows account must have Administrator privileges to install or update CryptoHeaven.

Administrative privileges are required to install the Java portion of the software. Install CryptoHeaven using an Administrative account. In an office environment ask your system administrator to install the software for you.


Cannot connect to the server.

CryptoHeaven client software requires a direct or a firewall protected connection to the Internet. CryptoHeaven client software works through any firewall and any socks, transparent or masquerading proxy that allows web traffic. Check to make sure you are directly connected to the Internet.

CryptoHeaven performance is slow.

CryptoHeaven is designed to work on high-speed and broadband Internet connections. Dial-up users can use CryptoHeaven but are advised the response time is slower. Dial-up users should keep file transfers small.


Display is slow on remote desktops.

User who require to run CryptoHeaven client software on remote desktops should install Java JRE version 1.4 or higher. Earlier versions of Java JRE don't work well on remote Windows and X-Window desktops. The newest version of Java JRE can be obtained from from free of charge.

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