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User Account Management

CryptoHeaven business clients have the ability to create user accounts. User accounts can be used by your co-workers, your employees, your business partners and your suppliers. By creating user accounts for all your associates you enable your entire organization to communicate and work collaboratively in a secure environment.

Creating New User Accounts

  • select Manage User Accounts from the Tools menu

  • press the Create New button,

  • enter the desired username and the desired passphrase for each new user,
  • leave the email address field blank to automatically generate the email address, or enter the desired email addresses,
  • if you want to create more than three accounts at a time, click the Add More button,
  • if you have purchased email domain hosting, you can use email addresses in your own domain name, otherwise you must use domain name,
  • once you are satisfied with your new user accounts, press the Next button,

  • use the defaults on these next two screens - unless you feel comfortable making changes and you do know what you are doing, you can always change these settings later,
  • the Options and Permissions that you specify apply to all user accounts created in this batch time,
  • when you are satisfied with your selection click Next on both of these screens,

  • there are two important options here:
  • Create contacts between above listed users will create mutual contacts between all users created in this batch, if you want users to be able to communicate between themselves leave this option checked, otherwise uncheck it,
  • Create contacts between myself and new users will create mutual contacts between your account and new users accounts created in this batch, leave this option checked unless you have a good reason for doing otherwise,
  • once you are satisfied with your selections, click Finish, it might take a little while to create all the user accounts, so be patient,

  • when you are done, you will see your new user accounts listed on the Account Management screen,
  • now you are ready to let your new users know what their login names and passwords are.

Account Options

Each of the options has a User Settings and Allow User to Change the Setting option. The User Settings option grants or denies an option to each of your new users. The Allow User to Change the Setting option allows the user to modify the setting.

Accept messages from outside of Contact List - enables the account to accept secure email from anyone on the system, even from accounts that are not on user's contact list

Accept regular external email - enables the account to accept email from outside of CryptoHeaven system; external email is email sent from other email systems and is not secure

Accept encrypted external email - enables the account to accept secure email delivered via Secure SSL Web Gateway

Display warning message before sending unencrypted email - enables a warning message that is displayed to the user each time he attempts to send a message through an insecure channel; email to regular email accounts such as is insecure and will generate a warning, the user will have to make a conscious choice to send or cancel the email

Disable automatic HTML/Plain Text preview mode - disables automatic detection of message type forcing all messages to be displayed in a user selected mode, either HTML or Plain Text, this option is useful for people wishing to view all messages in Plain Text

Account Permissions

permit change of passphrase - allows the user to change his own passphrase, this option is normally enabled, disable the option if you wish to be able to login to the user's account with the assigned password

permit change of nickname - allows the user to change his own nickname, this option should normally be disabled so that you can better keep track of who your users are

permit destruction of account - allows the user to delete his own account, normally disabled

permit modification of assigned contacts - allows the user to modify his corporate contact list, normally disabled

permit deletion of assigned contacts - allows the user to remove corporate contacts from his own list, do not enable this option unless you have a strong reason for doing so, normally disabled

permit change of assigned email address - allows the user to change his own email address, normally disabled

permit contacts outside of organization - allows the user to create contacts with other CryptoHeaven users who are not a member of your organization, normally enabled

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