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CryptoHeaven offers anonymous email service. Send anonymous email and remain totally anonymous as your IP address, and any track record of where your email is sent and received from are eliminated, rendering the emails untraceable. Your messages cannot be tracked back to you personally, to your location, or to your computer.

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Anonymous Email Advantages

  • send anonymous emails safely and privately,
  • receive replies anonymously,
  • your IP address is never shown making it untraceable,
  • enhanced security with image and script filtering,
  • change your email address at any time,
  • send anonymous email attachments,
  • option to securely send anonymous email attachments using encryption,
  • independent from your existing email accounts,
  • online address book with an ability to import your existing contacts,
  • email notification of when new messages arrive,
  • spam and virus filtering,
  • supports secure and anonymous instant messaging and multi-user chat
  • multi-user and free trial accounts are available

There is no obligation, cancel your account at any time.

In addition to the above, you get the following additional benefits free of charge:

CryptoHeaven provides you with private and anonymous email service. All communication is encrypted between your computer and our servers, and your IP address is never included with your email making it totally untraceable to your location. All data stored on our servers is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption technology. It is impossible for a 3rd party to retrieve and read your private email.

Need more? Multi-user business and group accounts are available.


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