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Electronic Document Delivery Savings Calculator

This calculator will help you compute your own document delivery cost analysis and potential savings, using your unique criteria. We have provided some typical default values, but you are encouraged to enter values that reflect your company's unique situation.

How many sensitive business documents do you send each month?
What is the average cost of shipping a single package?
The average number of minutes it takes an employee to send a document manually, including printing the document and packaging it for delivery.
What percentage of these documents could be sent electronically?
The average electronic document size in kilobytes.
The average hourly wage (including salary, benefits, and overhead) of employees who send sensitive documents.
Once you have entered your figures, click Calculate.


Here is the estimate based on the information you provided:

  Courier Only CryptoHeaven With Courier
Courier Fees: 1400.00 140.00
Employee Time Cost: 500.00 140.00

Your suggested CryptoHeaven account is: 1000 MB

CryptoHeaven Account Fee: N/A 9.92
1900.00 289.92
Monthly Savings:
Annual Savings:

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