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Deliver Electronic Documents at a Fraction of Your Current Costs

  • No loss in the transit.
  • No wasted money.
  • No wasted time.

The Old, Costly and Time Consuming way

  1. Create the document, print it.
  2. Fold the document and insert into an envelope or package it for a courier delivery.
  3. Deliver mail to post office, or wait for mail pickup.
  4. Mail is sorted by the post office and delivered after human intervention.
  5. Envelope or package arrives at the destination and is sorted by internal mail department or by reception.
  6. The letter is put into the department or recipient's in-tray.
  7. The envelope is opened by the recipient.

CryptoHeaven Way

  1. Create the document.
  2. Drag the document and drop it on your contact's name. Press send.

Save Money

You can reduce the cost of sending sensitive documents. With CryptoHeaven you no longer have to print documents, use envelopes, pay postage and waste staff time folding paper, stuffing and sealing envelopes and then couriering it.

You can bring your costs down significantly. If you send just a few packages a month, your savings add up to hundreds, even thousands of dollars a month. The money you save goes straight to your bottom line.

Use the savings calculator to work out your current costs and future savings.

Save Time

With CryptoHeaven, you will slash the time to get documents such as engineering drawings, confidential business plans, marketing plans, confidential new product plans into the hands of your suppliers and customers. You will slash the time from days to minutes.

What do I need to use CryptoHeaven?

All you need is an Internet connection and a personal computer.

What Do My Customers and Suppliers Need to Do?

The only thing your customers and suppliers need to do is supply you with their preferred CryptoHeaven account ID.

Any business with an Internet connection can receive documents through CryptoHeaven, all they need is a CryptoHeaven account.

Your customers and suppliers also benefit when you use CryptoHeaven. The appropriate person gets the document first, they can forward it electronically to others for review and approval, plus they can keep an electronic copy for future reference. <%/*A sample letter <<link here> is available from CryptoHeaven web site that you can pass on to customers and suppliers to tell them how CryptoHeaven works and how it will benefit them.*/%>

How Much Does it Cost?

You will need CryptoHeaven client software to connect to your business partners. The software is available at CryptoHeaven website free of charge. You can then choose a plan that suits your business best - starting at just $29 a year for small accounts. CryptoHeaven cost savings calculator will suggest the best plan for your needs.

Free Trial

Try CryptoHeaven today. Free demonstration accounts are available for 30 days. See for yourself how easy it is to send electronic documents securely, confidentially and cost effectively.

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