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The use of high grade cryptography and encryption technology implemented in CryptoHeaven software is banned and made illegal by governments of many countries. CryptoHeaven software makes use of proven complex cryptographic techniques far exceeding the strength and level of sophistication of most other freely, commercially or otherwise available products around the world.

We made an attempt to design the system to be foolproof, to make it difficult for anyone to use the system insecurely. We released the CryptoHeaven source code to any interested party for expert review and criticism, to gather feedback and to fully disclose the implemented cryptographic techniques. The same high grade encryption technology is used throughout the product, however even the most secure and well designed system can be compromised if you have people looking over your shoulder. There is no substitute for ignorance, education is of paramount importance.

CryptoHeaven software and services are freely served from Canada and because we have made it available "without restrictions upon its further dissemination" it is not export controlled and can be freely downloaded unlike other commercial cryptography packages which require an export license.

CryptoHeaven Development Team makes no representation regarding the legality or suitability of the use of CryptoHeaven software or service in your jurisdiction. You are solely responsible to comply with any applicable laws regarding import and use.

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