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Online File Editing

With CryptoHeaven you can securely store and edit files online. When you save your edits, CryptoHeaven will update and sync up your changes as needed. You simply save the file from within your local editor application and it will be encrypted and saved back into your secure online storage account automatically. Online editing works with any file type, including documents, images, etc.

If you have lost a disk or a USB drive, or had a computer crash and important files vaporized, you already know the benefit of having a reliable backup of your files. CryptoHeaven allows you to securely and safely store files online where they are easily accessible. The online file editing makes your online storage more functional.

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With CryptoHeaven you can securely edit files on-line rather than having to download, edit and upload. Simply double click a file in your secure online file folder, select OPEN and edit it.

There is absolutely no configuration required. You just open the file, work on it and save exactly as you would a local file.

To copy local files to your secure online folder, drag them from the source location and drop them on a remote folder.


  • Access and edit important files from any computer.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your files are safe and backed up.
  • Document version history. Files are automatically backed up and older versions are available.
  • Share large files securely. Manage folder permissions, from view to editing.
  • Get notifications when a shared file is updated.
  • Expert support. When you have a question, we are here to help.
  • Unmatched security. AES 265 bit encryption.


Online file editing is available with free trial of the latest CryptoHeaven software v3.6+

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