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Take advantage of CryptoHeaven Secure Online Storage as your digital safe deposit box. You can access, store and backup digital information in a secure, private and encrypted CryptoVault. Use it for secure access to your critical data from anywhere.

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  • distribute large files to your associates,
  • collaborate with people or groups working on the same file,
  • securely access documents away from your office,
  • securely backup documents to online storage,
  • edit online files,
  • reduce network load by eliminating the need for large email attachments,
  • reduce space and bandwidth requirements with automatic file compression.

Security Features

  • zero-knowledge encrypted cloud storage,
  • secure file sharing and secure file distribution,
  • end-to-end encryption, up to 4096 bit RSA and AES-256,
  • document expiry settings.

We encourage you to try our encrypted online storage hosting and collaboration service for FREE. Download the software and start using it right away, no registration or lengthy sign-up is required, free trial is available. Then come back and upgrade to a premium account for additional features and more storage.

With CryptoHeaven your data is safe, backed up, encrypted, and secure.

Whether you are a business or an individual subscriber, a digital safe deposit CryptoVault offers real-time secure access to critical data from anywhere.

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In addition to the above, you get the following additional benefits free of charge:

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We offer a user-friendly, zero-knowledge, secure and encrypted online storage hosting and collaboration solution. In contrast to most other security providers, all your files get encrypted on your computer before sending to the secure online storage. Unauthorized parties, including our employees, cannot read your encrypted, private, and secure online files.

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