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Why encrypt email?

For many, email has taken over as the primary mode of communications; you send messages to any part of the world - instantly. Except for one catch: you send those emails openly for the world to see. Your important documents are only a click away from your competitor. You are allowing access to your private thoughts, however trivial, to thousands of individuals across the world. Scary.

Your thoughts and documents have value, that's why you need to use secure email for all your correspondence.

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I work for XYZ company, why do I need to encrypt my email?

You should never use your corporate email account for private communications. Corporate privacy policy typically allows for email auditing and email monitoring. Can you really afford to have your emails checked or monitored by some IT personnel?

Here are the two most important reasons for not using corporate email for private correspondence:

Email Auditing

Checking email after transmission is legal - several court cases ruled that it is no different than searching through a file in an employee's drawer.

In one criminal case against a CIA employee the court rules that viewing of personal email did not violate federal wiretapping laws, since the email was not viewed while it was being transferred but was obtained from storage.

Email Interception

Many large corporations monitor employee emails. Most forms of email interception are permitted if this is done in a "reasonable" manner and is backed up by an email policy.

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