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CryptoHeaven Web Mail Gateway

CryptoHeaven secure email gateway enables you to securely receive email from people who do not have a CryptoHeaven account.

Typical Uses

  • Receiving secure email from web site visitors.
  • Receiving secure file attachments from non-CryptoHeaven users.
  • Receiving secure email from anybody else who doesn't have a CryptoHeaven account.


  • Enables secure and encrypted communication between visitors to your web site and your CryptoHeaven account.
  • Easy to use - just cut and paste the generated HTML code into your web site or your email.
  • Your clients or website visitors do not need a CryptoHeaven account.
  • All the data is stored in an encrypted format, therefore it is more secure then other SSL alternatives.

To use the CryptoHeaven Secure Web Mail Gateway you must have a CryptoHeaven account in good standing. Please visit the signup page to open a new account or to convert a demo account to a regular one.

HTML Code Generation

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